At the border between Alba and Hunedoara, Casa Glod has opened its doors to tourists who want to have a unique experience. The craftsmanship of traditional Romanian houses deserves to be preserved. That’s why we built these homes for our souls so that their tradition will last.

Mountain lovers and trekkers will find in Glod the perfect place to escape and where to truly enjoy the beauty of nature.

We are located near the Glodu Gorge, a complex natural reserve, a subdivision of the Metaliferi Mountains. The reservation spans a total of 155 hectares. The wind, the rains and the passage of the years have made this region an impressive location. In Glod’s Keys, we find karst valleys that are impressive. The beech and hornbeam forests in the area, the limestone rocks, the neighboring caves … all these comprise the perfect ingredient for escaping from the daily and returning to nature.

Currently, we have 15 rooms and the possibility of adding extra beds. Accommodation is in the complex that we have built with love in this region. Casa Glod is the perfect place to escape from the daily life. The houses are about 200 years old, they have been reconditioned by preserving the original elements and adding comfort items (sanitary groups, utilities, etc.).

Every house has its own story. The most appreciated of tourists is “The Museum House”. It has been given this name because it is the oldest of our complex’s houses. The “Town Hall” and “School” follow, which are finalized and available for accommodation.

From the desire to keep alive the Romanian tradition, we have built this place where we have invested all our love with the rescue of the traditional houses in which we are pleased to invite you.

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